Gardening News, Furniture Retailers & Updates in June 2016

Summer is here, it’s time to get in the garden and enjoy the outdoors finally! Especially in the UK when you don’t know where the next stretch of sunshine will come from, that’s why it’s stereotyped as the “British Summer” after all. But to make your garden extra special, you need the following things:

  • a well thought out garden design
  • a strict regime for maintaining growth
  • a seasonal planting schedule
  • year round patio or decking areas
  • garden furniture to rest your legs
  • a grass cutting regime

Most of these are obvious, however certain aspects are more tricky, such as your garden design, a seasonal planting schedule, and choosing the right garden furniture. That’s why we’ve got this update to help you navigate through this tricky time in 2016.

Your Garden Design

Depending on your personal taste and desire for colour, your garden design will differ massively. It’s perhaps best to talk about two different scenarios, one of a classical loving family, and one for a modern couple in the city, which will help us profile two potential garden designs. For the family that loves a classical style, set borders may be preferred, with a two tiered garden that structures the way you walk around it. They may prefer a traditional patio area, that contains a bbq and dining set for them to enjoy the summer. Green plants are plentiful, with lots of seasonal flowers in bloom, keeping the garden full of vibrant colours throughout the year. In contrast, the modern couple may prefer to keep greenery to a minimum, with potted plants layered around gravel beds, with paving slabs enabling you to walk around the garden. This will be full of single colours, with the contrast between gravel and potted plant obvious, and set boundaries for the patio or decking area.

Seasonal Planting Schedule

This varies in importance depending on your climate. For example, if the weather varies a lot, you will require a strict schedule to make sure your garden is always in bloom. However if you have a fairly moderate climate, you may be able to get away with less variation, as the plants will be in flower for much longer periods of the year. You should determine this, as well as the soil type of your garden, to ensure that your plant schedule is truly accurate.

Choosing Garden Furniture

It is definitely recommended that you purchase weatherproof garden furniture, as this will require much less maintenance and give you more time and energy to maintain other aspects of your garden. It also means you will not have to store it during the winter months. You may wish to consider rattan or Winawood furniture, and the best online retailer for those materials is Gardencentreshopping (, who has the largest range of Winawood available to the UK.

You may wish to visit your local garden centre in store instead of buying garden furniture online, which is possibly more appropriate if you are looking for a larger set that requires a greater investment, such as a large set of reclining garden furniture. Ranges such as the Majestique reclining range from Innovators International are a popular choice, which includes 2 seater sets, rocking chairs, and dining sets.

The shape of your garden furniture set is also important, as it must match the area in which you plan to use it. Your patio may be round or rectangular, in which case you will need to match the shape of your set with the patio, making sure there is ample room for people to walk around the edge without pushing past the seating. This can be a juggling act between how many people you want to seat, and your limited space inside your garden. There is normally a happy medium somewhere.

Information on Winawood:



Gardencentreshopping, 5 stars for weatherproof garden furniture.

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