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This page contains some
background information on Fairford and the local area.

What is Fairford?
Fairford is a Cotswold market town situated in the Coln Valley.
Today as well as having around 4000 residents it has a shops, a
weekly market and a thriving local community. The town dates
back to the 13th century where a ford was built to cross the
River Coln. The ford was well known for being a pleasant
crossing and so the name Fairford came about. A corn and cloth
mill was built in the 17th century and was kept open until the
1920s. A typical Cotswold ‘wool’ church was also built at
Fairford in the 15th Century.

Where is Fairford?
Fairford is situated in the North of the Cotswolds, about 15
miles due North of Swindon and 20 miles due West of Oxford. The
region itself is in the South West of England. On a more local
scale its about a 20 minute drive from Cirencester and in the
opposite direction about a 20 minute drive from RAF Brize

Useful web links for people on TDY and PCS

Some not only contain information about staying the night but
also more general information about the area. 
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    – Information on the local
Fairford region  
  – The Fairford town’s web site

And based on feedback from people on TDYs
Information about driving in England
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information about driving in England
What things cost in England


Where to stay
There are plenty of places to board in the Cotswolds, known in
England as bed and breakfasts. However due to its demand in
small Cotswold towns and villages it tends to be expensive.
Saying that most places put their prices up for the weekend of
the Air Tattoo! More reasonable, although more commercial,
accommodation can be found closer to the bigger towns such as
Oxford and Swindon. There are many pros and cons for staying
close to Fairford for the Air Tattoo. If you’re nearby you won’t
have so many country roads to navigate and travelling back each
night shouldn’t take so long, however with all the police after
each night of the Air Tattoo taking a left instead of a right at
a junction to get home might not always be possible! Booking in
advance is mandatory, by late Spring you’ll be lucky to find
anywhere with free rooms.

Cirencester Tourist Information can be contacted at the
following address:
Tourist Information Centre,
Market Place, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 2NW, United
Tel: +44 (0) 1285 654180

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