About this Site

This web site is provided as an information site to share the
base’s history with service men and women, and anyone else
For questions or comments concerning this web site please email
here, we
welcome comments and suggestions. 

We try to post as much as we can but will not publish anything
that is likely to compromise security of the base or of any

We therefore reserve the right to delete anything
posted on the web site that we feel may compromise base security
or the general safety of the United States Air Force.

RAF Fairford may seem an insignificant base to some, especially
as it has no permanently assigned aircraft, but the madness on
Sept 11th proves that nowhere can be considered ‘safe’. 
RAF Fairford has played a significant part in several major
military operations including the raid on Libya (El Dorado
Canyon), Desert Storm, Allied Force and Iraqi Freedom, and
continues to be a forward operating location for the USAF and
NATO, so is to some, a legitimate target for reprisals.

It’s in everybody’s interest to keep security uppermost in our
minds and to that end
it is the policy of this site not
to post details of current operations and to only publish
pictures of visiting aircraft once they’ve left Fairford. 
Aircraft on longer deployments are often covered by USAF media
anyway and are less of an issue.

We also request members do not post the following
information on this web site
: Callsigns, Radio
frequencies, Base maps, Aircaft tail numbers and Technical
details about sensitive aircraft types.

While we may appear to be strict there should be no reason why
any of the above should hinder members from posting base history
related information and photographs.

This web site is neither sponsored, endorsed, approved or
related to RAF Fairford, the Royal Air Force, the United States
Air Force or any other government departments.  While
information on this web site is researched as best as is
possible there will be errors, this web site is only a hobby!!

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The appearance of hyperlinks does
not constitute endorsement by RAF Fairford, the Royal Air Force,
the United States Air Force or any other government departments.

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