Day Month Year  
5 Mar 1970 With so many taskings that day RAF Fairford was without
any C-130s on the ground for the first time.
18 Jun 1970 It was announced to the British press that BAC would
setup a Concorde development facility at RAF Fairford.
Sep 1970 RAF C-130s from RAF Fairford took part in Operation
Shoveller to aid Jordan during a civil war.
  Nov 1970 Plans were made to consolidate the RAF’s C-130 force by
moving the aircraft at Fairford to RAF Lyneham.
1 Feb 1971 With 30 and 47 Sqns both having moved to nearby RAF
Lyneham, each with 10 C-130s, RAF Fairford became an Air
Support Command relief landing ground.
30 Apr 1971 The HQ at RAF Fairford was finally disbanded.
1 May 1971 RAF Fairford reverts to being a relief landing ground
for nearby RAF Brize Norton, as well as a satellite
station of it.
17 Dec 1971 Concorde 01, the first pre-production aircraft made its
first flight from Filton to Fairford.
6 Jan 1972 All three Concorde aircraft were together at Fairford
for the first time.
29 Apr 1972 Gnat and Hunter aircraft from the Central Flying School
at RAF Valley deployed to RAF Fairford while their home
runway was re-surfaced until 19th June.
2 Jun 1972 Concorde 002 left Fairford for a 45,000 mile global
sales tour.
28 Mar 1973 Concorde 002 was damaged at Fairford after being crushed
against its hangar while being towed.
26 Jul 1973 The first Vulcan from RAF Waddington arrived, XM600,
while their home runway was re-surfaced.  The deployment
lasted until November.
13 Feb 1974 Concorde 202 G-BBDG arrived from Filton on first flight.
Apr 1974 A Hastings aircraft TG553 arrived which was later burnt
on the base fire dump.
  Jun 1974 VC-10, Belfast and Britannia aircraft moved to RAF
Fairford from Brize Norton for 2 months while their home
runway was re-surfaced.
16 Jul 1974 The first evacuation flights from occupied Cyprus arrive
back in the UK containing Britons.
26 Aug 1974 Concorde 002 makes a heavy landing at Fairford meaning
it missed an appearance at the Farnborough air show.
23 Oct 1974 England’s Princess Anne flew on Concorde around the Bay
of Biscay.
27 Feb 1975 Concorde 204 G-BOAC arrived from Filton on its first
12 Mar 1975 100 tons of ice were transported to Fairford to allow
Concorde to conduct a runway slush test.
19 Jun 1975 British Airways start their Concorde flight training at
5 Nov 1975 Concorde 206 G-BOAA arrived from Filton on its first
26 Nov 1975 A NATO exercise, Advent Express, saw Allied Command
Europe (ACE) Mobile Force troops arriving in a variety
of aircraft including C-5s, C-130s and C-160s.
16 Jan 1976 The government announced the closure of the Concorde
flight test center at Fairford.
4 Mar 1976 Concorde 002 departed to Yeovilton, already having flown
836 hours in 438 flights.
18 May 1976 Concorde 208 G-BOAB arrived from Filton on its first
23 Aug 1976 The Concorde flight test centre will now close in
January not November it was announced.
25 Aug 1976 Concorde 210 G-BOAD arrived from Filton on its first
7 Mar 1977 Richard Noble tested the super car Thrust 1 on the
runway at RAF Fairford.
12 Apr 1977 British Airways moved the flying part of their Concorde
pilot training programme from Brize Norton back to
Fairford after noise complaints.
28 Apr 1977 Robert Horne with Ferrari set a land speed record along
Fairford’s runway.
15 Nov 1977 Exercise Avon Express saw more ACE Mobile Force troops
arrive at Fairford in C-5s, C-130s and C-141s, and
German C-160s, Belgium C-130s, and Italian C-130s.  The
exercise lasted until the 28th.
26 May 1978 The government reject Greenham Common as a potential new
tanker base for safety reasons leaving Brize Norton and
Fairford as options.
  July 1978 The Ministry of Defence announced that RAF Fairford
would be the new home for 15 USAF tanker aircraft.
7 Sep 1978 The first two KC-135s arrived at Fairford as part of
Exercise Autumn Forge.
14 Sep 1978 Five additional KC-135s arrived for Exercise Autumn
Forge and stay for 14 days.
11 Nov 1978 The 11th Strategic Group were re-activated at Fairford.
1 Feb 1979 The 7020th Air Base Group part of 3rd AF USAFE was
activated at RAF Fairford to provide a base from which
the 11th Strategic Group could keep KC-135s.
1 Apr 1979 The 2160th Comms Sqn formed at RAF Fairford.
1 Jun 1979 RAF Fairford was designated a primary USAFE
13 Sep 1979 The first two KC-135s for the 11th Strategic Group
arrive at Fairford.
14 Sep 1979 Three more KC-135s arrive for the 11th SG.
20 Sep 1979 The station is transferred to the 3rd Air Force.


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